FEBS3+ meetings programme

Aims of the FEBS3+ Meetings Programme

The FEBS3+ Meetings programme was established by FEBS to support scientific meetings equivalent to an annual national scientific meeting of a Constituent Society but organized through collaboration of at least three FEBS Constituent Societies. The aim of the programme is to increase international collaboration between molecular life scientists in a subset of countries within the FEBS area, such as those in a particular region or linked in other ways, while also encouraging sharing of Society expertise and efforts.

Funding and event organization

Events in the FEBS3+ Meetings programme have been approved at the proposal stage by the FEBS Congress Counsellor, FEBS Secretary General and FEBS Treasurer for receipt of FEBS grants for course organization and for supporting the participation of early-career researchers. The FEBS Executive Committee monitors this support programme through means such as reports from organizers and visits to events in progress.

The development and delivery of the scientific programme of a FEBS3+ meeting, and other management and organization of the event including financial matters and participant data handling, are carried out by the hosting societies and others they appoint. When you register for the event, you are entering an arrangement with the host societies or appointed secretariat. As well as receiving grants from FEBS for the event, FEBS3+ organizers may also secure additional funding from other grant-awarding bodies and sponsors. 

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